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Purpose of creation, maintenance and destruction

Q. If after the end of Kali-yuga , Satya-yuga is to come, then what is the purpose of the formation, maintenance and destruction of the universe over and over again?

A. The entire purpose of this process of creation, maintenance and destruction is to give the living entities a chance to return back home, back to the Spiritual world which is our eternal home. But when a  jiva wants to enjoy separately from God (Krishna), he is sent to this material world which is created just to facilitate his illusory enjoying mentality. We are eternally servants of Krishna but when we develop the mood of being a master or an enjoyer we fall down. Just like our hand, as long as it is connected to the body, it is useful. But when it is separated from the body, it becomes useless. Similarly as long as we are connected to God,we are valuable but when we separate ourselves,we become worthless.  Continue reading Purpose of creation, maintenance and destruction