Vaishnava Tilaka

What is the reason to put tilakam? And why devotees in ISKCON put it so long till the nose? I am working in office so how can I apply it? Tilak is a traditional mark to identify devotees of Krishna. It is made with a sacred clay from a holy place in India. It is …

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Bhrigu Samhita’s relevance to devotees

Q. How perfect are Bhrigu-Samhita’s predictions? A lot of ISKCON followers consult Bhrigu. Can our current actions drastically change our destiny? A. Bhrigu-samhita, being a part of the Vedic literature, is all-perfect. It deals with astrological science and the predictions made according these calculations are always accurate. In his purport to Srimad-Bhagavatam (6.1.49), Srila Prabhupada …

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Tolerance limits

Q. Srimad Bhagavatam is filled with the pastimes of the devotees who were put in great tribulations and they maintained their faith in trials and tribulations. When neophytes are told to tolerate their problems like these great souls have tolerated. Often times mind immediately say it’s OK for them (Prahlad, Pandavas) to tolerate because they …

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Avoiding offenses

Q. In this age it is very difficult not to think anything if you have seen or hear or feel something wrong from a Vaishnava. How to avoid this aparadha? A. Yes, it is true mind can not remain inactive in its function of thinking, feeling and willing. We are pardoned as long as these subtle …

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Shaving head

Q. Why do Hare Krishna men shave their heads? A. Hare Krishna men shave their heads to symbolize renunciation of the material way of life and dedication to spiritual pursuits. The small tuft of hair at the back signifies that they are devotees of Krishna, distinguishing them from other renunciants who shave their heads, such …

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Daily activities

Q. What do you do all day? A. The activities of the members of ISKCON are as varied as their strikingly diverse lifestyles. For instance, although most members are naturally vegetarian, all other practices are a matter of their personal choice and commitment. Thus one member of ISKCON lives in a religious community, rises at …

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