Nitai Gaura Hari Bol!

I am new in ISKCON. I want to know about deity left to Lord Krishna (Gaur Nimai), so that I can worship Them sincerely. It is very nice to hear from you that you are interested to know about Them. I would to like to make few corrections. Deities right to Krishna are Sri Sri …

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‘Fall-down’ of devotees

Even though the process of Krishna consciousness is so blissful then why do senior devotees sometimes fall down or leave the movement? Yes, it is true that the process of Krishna consciousness is blissful. However one should practice in right attitude. The falldown of senior devotees should not be considered ordinary. There are two reasons …

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Brahmana and Vaishnava

What is the line of distinction between a Brahmana and a Vaishnava? 1. Vaishnavas are pure devotees of Lord Krishna/Vishnu. Brahmanas may not be. 2. Vaishnavas are beyond the modes of nature (i.e. Ignorance, Passion and even Goodness) or in other words they are liberated souls enjoying spiritual happiness in shuddha bhakti in purified Goodness. …

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Stock exchange

Is it appropriate for a devotee to put laxmi (money) in share market? Or is it breaking one of the rules? It is okay if the devotee is using this as a saving option. But he should not engage in speculative gambling type bussiness.


Why do you dress like you do? We dress in the way of the Vedic tradition, men in dhotis (robes) and kurtas (shirts) and women in saris and cholis (blouses). These clothes remind us that we are servants of Krishna. One can be a devotee of Krishna without wearing these clothes. But dressing in this …

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Tulsi Plant

Why do you worship Tulsi plant? Worshiping Krishna’s devotees is an essential feature of devotion to Him. Sometimes great devotees appear in forms other than the human form. One such devotee, whose worship is central to the worship of Krishna, is Tulasi. She serves Krishna in the form of a plant, and devotees worship her …

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