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Astral Journey!

Q. Okay, so my great-grandmother was put into a nursing home due to a broken leg in July. Well, she stayed in there until she was starting to act funny.
So they put her in the hospital. (This is all in Indiana by the way). But I
ended up moving in with my father in Rhode Island, and never got to tell her
goodbye because one of her wishes was that people never saw her when she
lost it. And nobody ever told her I left until after about a month I was
gone. But then in September of this year (2015), I was told she suddenly
started feeling better. And I knew that this was a bad sign, I knew that I’d
be getting bad news soon. And sure enough, about 3 days later, “Gramma just passed away,” my father told me. Absolutely devastating. I’m not going to go on a huge, long story about it, but her and I were extremely close. She was
my absolute best friend and a lot of the time all I had. But the hardest
part has been that I never got to say goodbye, that I never got to stay at
her house one last time and know that it was the last.
But anyway, I’ve never been one to be into spiritual things and that kind of
stuff. I mean, as a kid I was, but growing up, I just kinda forgot how to
believe. But it’s just always been something that I found interesting
though. But last night, I was about to start a video for YouTube, and I
always start my videos by “Hey guys! Yes, it’s me Eli.” But after I said
that, I heard a “hi.” In reply coming from the living room. And nobody was
home. And all of a sudden I just went quiet. And I began to feel an immense
feeling of sadness and a feeling of lost. And I started to cry
uncontrollably. But I wasn’t frightened by the talking in the other room.
And I felt this way the rest of the night and all I could think about was my
great grandmother. And then I read an article “How To Know if Your Deceased
Loved One is Trying to Contact You.” And even though it might be fake, it
did describe some of the hugs that been happening. And now I wonder.. Could
I try to contact my great grandmother despite the 1,000 mile difference from
where she died?

Please no one be rude about this either, don’t try to put me down because
you believe something different. I want answers from people who believe in
this stuff. Thank you.

A. Thanks for sharing this incident.
Yes, there is a science of astral journey of the person, after his/her passing away.
And it is possible to contact spirits, after they are gone from this physical dimension.
There are different levels of dimensions of existence.
Our real ‘self’ is different from this gross body.
It is eternal. It always exists.
By nature it is spiritual and has an existence on eternal dimension.
The gross body, which is made up of skin, muscles, blood, bones exists on temporary dimension.
It has a beginning and it has an end.
The eternal ‘self’ does not die, even if body dies at death.
After death it reaches to different levels of dimensions.
This is decided by the higher agencies of universal administrators.
If someone has performed pious activities in one’s life, the ‘self’ is elevated to higher levels of dimensions and if someone has performed sins, then ‘self’ may get degraded to the lower dimensions.
If someone commits suicide and forces the ‘self’ to come out of the body before its natural time, then it may remain in-between.
Just like a person’s house is broken and he does not have another house.
Sometimes, this may also happen in case of accidents or unnatural deaths.
Regarding contacting spirits, after they have gone, there have been many experiments performed.
And there are people, who are able to connect with them.
Especially this may happen, when one is very much attached to the person.
If there are unfulfilled desires, then that person may hover around and try to connect.
And because he/she does not have a gross body, it tries to contact through subtle ways.
One may not be able to see grossly, but on subtle, invisible (to material eyes) dimension he/she is existing.
It does not matter physical distance.
Through subtle ways, one can travel very fast (or superfast)
But, there is no need to worry.