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Suffering of Devotees

On 16th Aug 2006, there was a bomb blast in ISKCON temple  at Manipur. Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita that I always protect my devotee. Then why such incident happened with devotees? Why do devotees suffer more than the common people? This will certainly lower the faith of devotees.

Krishna always protects His devotees. Highly advanced devotee like Prahlada maharaj, pandavs also suffered. So what is it exactly?¬†Krishna protects devotee’s spiritual life without fail. He takes care that they continue in spiritual life and ultimately reach spiritual world. In some cases He may not protect his devotee’s body. The devotees are becoming dear to Krishna and He wants them to get free from sinful reactions quickly. So sometimes He quickens their suffering so that they come back to spiritual world quickly.
If we have performed sinful activities before becoming devotee still we should be ready to suffer our reactions. If Sri Krishna wants He may excuse some of the reactions. A devotee patiently suffers his sinful reactions and eagerly waits for Lord’s mercy to make him pure devotee all the while performing sadhana bhakti. There is no question of lessening the faith. It is because of my actions I am suffering. In fact Sri Krishna is reducing the reactions and is giving me what is best.