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Law of Karma

Q.Gurudev, I am hard-working person. I am not saying that I am saint but I never hurt anyone intentionally nor did I indulge in bad activities ever, but still I
am facing a lot of problems in my life. My family doesn’t count on me at all. I
have tried my best to do something for them, but still they are not happy
with me. My wife is completely materialistic lady, always craving for
materialistic things. On the contrary few relatives and friends who have done
all kind of wrong things and bad things they are enjoying, and facing no
problem at all……… Please tell me what should I do?

A. The nature of this material world is such that there are always some reversals and challenges to face.

It depends upon us as to how we take it, positively or negatively.

Everyone has a baggage of good and bad deeds.
And we have to nullify it, positive for the positive and negative for the negative.

If something good happens, we must know that we are exhausting our good deeds.
Similarly, when bad things are happening, we must know that bad deeds are getting nullified.
So we have less to suffer in the future.

If one remains steady in both happiness and distress, then one can transcend the dualities of this material world.

We cannot change the circumstances, but we can certainly change the way we perceive it.

Real positivity means to turn any difficult situation into an opportunity.

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Regarding, wife not taking interest, you have to be very careful in changing her views.
First of all, you need to practice very sincerely and not getting affected by the circumstances.
By your example, there is chance that she shall change her views.