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Body limbs and Living Entities

11.12, 5.7, 7.23

One who is on the path of liberation by Krishna consciousness is very dear to every living being, and every living being is dear to him. This is due to his Krishna consciousness. Such a person cannot think of any living being as separate from Krishna, just as the leaves and branches of a tree are not separate from the tree. He knows very well that by pouring water on the root of the tree, the water will be distributed to all the leaves and branches, or by supplying food to the stomach, the energy is automatically distributed throughout the body. Because one who works in Krishna consciousness is servant to all, he is very dear to everyone. And because everyone is satisfied by his work, he is pure in consciousness. Because he is pure in consciousness, his mind is completely controlled. And because his mind is controlled, his senses are also controlled. Because his mind is always fixed on Krishna, there is no chance of his being deviated from Krishna. Nor is there a chance that he will engage his senses in matters other than the service of the Lord. He does not like to hear anything except topics relating to Krishna; he does not like to eat anything which is not offered to Krishna; and he does not wish to go anywhere if Krishna is not involved. Therefore, his senses are controlled. A man of controlled senses cannot be offensive to anyone.
Here the point may be raised that if the demigods are different parts of the body of the Supreme Lord, then the same end should be achieved by worshiping them. However, worshipers of the demigods are less intelligent because they don’t know to what part of the body food must be supplied. Some of them are so foolish that they claim that there are many parts and many ways to supply food. This isn’t very sanguine. Can anyone supply food to the body through the ears or eyes? They do not know that these demigods are different parts of the universal body of the Supreme Lord, and in their ignorance they believe that each and every demigod is a separate God and a competitor of the Supreme Lord.

Free or Forced-will?

Q. Why in the first place did the Supreme Lord of Godhead allow his spiritual fragmental sparks to act on their own and take independent decisions if it was not for good….being the supreme controller he could have prevented creation of this so called maya or material universe in the first place…. Please explain the subject matter without correlating to material things, place, situation, persons etc??

A. This is a very fundamental question.
Supreme Lord has His own free will and He has given a small minute independence to all living entities.
He does not force His own will on any living entity.
Everyone has power to exercise his/her free will in any capacity he/she wants.

It is explained that living entity wanted to become separate from the Supreme Lord by exercising its free will.
Sometimes it is explained that Supreme Lord did not want us to come in this material world.
But when the living entity is very stubborn, then even Lord cannot do anything.
In fact, He stops every living entity to leave His Supreme abode and come to this miserable material world.
And since every living entity has free will, Supreme Lord has to allow us come to this temporary world.
If Supreme Lord would have stopped us, then it would not be free will.
We might have to then call it as ‘forced-will’.

When the living entity comes to this world, Supreme Lord comes with him as Supersoul and sits in the heart of living entity.
Whenever the living entity intensely desires to serve the Lord and remembers Him, He instantly reciprocates.
By constant remembrance and absorption to serve the Supreme Lord, one can transcend the material dimension and rise to the spiritual dimension.
The Supreme Lord has given us the freewill to serve and love Him.
Can we force someone to love us?
Answer is ‘No’
When we develop real devotion to the Supreme Lord, that real love can develop.
So while remaining in this material world, we can exercise our free will and remain on the higher platform.