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Goal of worshipping Krishna

Is this true that to reach Krishna we should go through channel of demigods. Are Ganapati and mother Durga demigods? What is difference between worshipping demigods and worshipping Krishna?

To reach Krishna we have to worship Krishna. The Bhagavad Gita explains that if we worship the demigods we go to them and if we worship Krishna we go to Him.

Ganapati and Durga are demigods.

The demigods are normally worshipped for material benedictions which also ultimately come from Krishna. Krishna is however worshipped to attain pure devotional service unto Him.

Supreme God – Allah or Krishna

Q. I know that Lord Krishna is the supreme God, but I also would like to know that Lord Shiva and Goddess (Durga) different from Lord Krishna?
Who is the first of all?
Also know about Allah (Muslim God)?
Who is that God?
either nirakar brahma
Who is he?

A.  Your understanding of Lord Krishna to be supreme, is correct.

Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga have a different role in this material world.
No doubt Lord Shiva is very powerful, whenever there is need to destroy this material world, Lord Shiva destroys it.

Lord Krishna is the beginning of everything and is the cause of all causes.

According to Brahma Samhita,
ishvarah paramah krishnah
sac cid anand vigrahah
anadir adih govindah
sarva karana karanam

Lord Krishna is the source of all incarnations.  Continue reading Supreme God – Allah or Krishna