Surrender unto Me

Bhagavad-Gita 18.66 says that we should abandon all varieties of religion and surrender to the Lord. We find that in the case of demigod worshippers they are attached to meat eating and other vices, even when they start chanting a round a day, the level of surrender is not really very high. What should we …

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Respect Demigods

I am a bit confused as my family worships demigods and want me to do the same but I like to worship only Krishna. Am I disrespecting the demigods? Certainly, you are not disrespecting demigods. However it is better to know how to properly worship demigods and Lord Krishna. In the Bhagavad-Gita, worship of different …

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Eating and devotional service

Krishna consciousness is such a transcendentally nice thing that automatically material enjoyment becomes distasteful. It is as if a hungry man had satisfied his hunger by a sufficient quantity of nutritious eatables Persons who are engaged in the worship of demigods are not very intelligent, although such worship is offered to Me indirectly,” Krishna says. …

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Demons and Doubts

In Vedic literature the living entity is called jivatma and Brahman, but he is never called Parabrahman. The living entity (jivatma) takes different positions — sometimes he merges into the dark material nature and identifies himself with matter, and sometimes he identifies himself with the superior, spiritual nature. Therefore he is called the Supreme Lord’s …

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Cowherd boy and Krishna

The Lord descends to this mortal world to show His pastimes in Vrindavana, which are full of happiness. When Lord Sri Krishna was in Vrindavana, His activities with His cowherd boyfriends, with His damsel friends, with the other inhabitants of Vrindavana and with the cows were all full of happiness. The total population of Vrindavana …

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