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Temple activities

Q. What do you do in your temples?

A. The temple is a place to especially remember God and deepen our relationship with Him. It’s a holy place to develop community with others through glorifying God and increasing our understanding of spiritual knowledge.

Our temples are open to the public. Although services are held throughout the day, most visitors come for the special Sunday program, the ‘Sunday Feast’.

A typical Sunday Feast program consists of a formal ceremony called arati in which deities (forms of Krishna) are worshiped to the accompaniment of sacred songs sung by the congregation. This is followed by a lecture on the Vedic scriptures. At some temples there might be a play or more singing. The festival always includes a vegetarian feast of delicious food that has been prepared for and offered to the Lord.

Daily activities

Q. What do you do all day?

A. The activities of the members of ISKCON are as varied as their strikingly diverse lifestyles. For instance, although most members are naturally vegetarian, all other practices are a matter of their personal choice and commitment. Thus one member of ISKCON lives in a religious community, rises at 4 o’clock in the morning, and leads a strict monastic life, while another cares for a young family or works in a busy office. The circumstances may vary greatly but the basic aim is the same.