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Karma to Akarma

Q. I too believe that GOD exists. But very recently I have been experiencing
very bad moments, whatever I think it doesn’t happen, whatever I touch it
gets postponed, wherever my name is involved the work some how
mysteriously gets cancelled. So I started checking my numerology and
astrology online, people tell me that our present life karma is based on
past life deeds. Is it true? Is our fate is already written by Brahma? Are
we just puppets in God’s hands. I checked my last life jyotisha in some
astrology website, it says that in my past life I was a big cheater and also
based on my name numerology I carry my past life karmic debts to this life.
I don’t understand why should I be responsible for my past life which I have
no clue about, why can’t God punish people in the same life itself for their
misdeeds and give everyone a fresh new life. My main question is can’t we
change our fate written by Brahma.

A. Yes, one’s karma is based on one’s deeds, not only of one past life, but of many many past lives.
Everything is calculated very precisely.
The nature of this material world is such that there are always some reversals and challenges to face.
It depends upon us as to how one takes it, positively or negatively.
Everyone has a baggage of good and bad deeds. And we have to nullify it, positive for the positive and negative for the negative.
If something good happens, one must know that one is exhausting our good deeds. Similarly, when bad things are happening, we must know that bad deeds are getting nullified. So one has less to suffer in the future.
If one remains steady in both happiness and distress, then one can transcend the dualities of this material world.
We cannot change the circumstances, but we can certainly change the way we perceive it.
Real positivity means to turn any difficult situation into an opportunity.
We may not remember our previous bad deeds and the sufficient punishment is not given in the previous life.
Because we may not have sufficient karma to suffer.
Therefore, karma is very inconceivable and difficult to understand.
The message of Bhagavad Gita explains how to not get affected by the karma.
It is possible to change the karma and the destiny.

Inside the Mind

Q. I cannot control my thoughts. Can Krishna forgive me for having bad
thoughts? What to do to get His forgiveness? I maintain fasting every
Ekadashi as Prabhu says it burns all sins. I want to be spiritual and a good
person, What to do? Please suggest.

A. The nature of the mind is to think.
Thoughts may come and try to overpower, but you should not get carried away.

Keep yourself busy with positive activities.

Lord says in Bhagavad Gita, “Even if someone has committed most sinful action, if he /she is engaged in His devotional service. That person is considered to be saintly.”

If you want to become free from certain difficulties, then help others who are suffering from such difficulties.
Try to create awareness of living a simple and pure life.
It shall help others and you personally.

Try to become positive in all aspects.

You have not lost the battle.

Take complete shelter of the Supreme Lord.
There is nothing impossible for Him.
He is like Sun, wherever there is Sun, darkness cannot remain there.

Whenever such thoughts come, continue chanting little loudly.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare