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Eagles and Transitions

Q. I have recently moved from Tucson to Bellingham to help my father work on his new house. Since I’ve moved here however, I’ve been totally blown away by the bald eagles living on his neighbor’s property. Working on this house has taken a back seat to simply observing these birds, for hours and hours, day after day. What’s even stranger about this whole thing, is that prior to
moving here I had little interest in birds, but now sometimes they’re all
that I can think about. I’ve even had dreams and visions involving them. I
was just wondering why this all came on so suddenly and intensely? I feel
like I have some kind of connection to them.

A. Thanks for sharing this interesting incident.
Eagles have a special transition at certain phase of their lives.
Especially at the age of 40 when their wings and beak have become weak and worn out, they deliberately remove all the feathers and break their beak.
And wait till their new wings and beak grow up again.
It is very painful change for them, however they tolerate through this entire painful transition.
Once their new wings and beak, are grown, then the eagles can live for another 30 years.
In this second phase of their lives, they are more stronger and catch the prey very easily, because they have now renewed strength.
There is a great lesson to be learnt from this.
This is also compared to our lives.
We may have some abilities in the first phase of our lives and we become successful and develop many things around that.
The test comes when we become failure in those fields or abilities.
If we wish to survive and live further, we need to give up our previous conditionings and develop higher understandings.
This is very painful, but it is worth going through such transition.
If you are getting attached to these eagles, there is nothing wrong in it.
There is divinity in all species of life.
We are all connected to the Supreme Divine and that Divinity exists in all species.
It may be insects, birds, animals, trees, aquatics, human beings.
We can connect with the Supreme Divine by connecting with the parts of His creation.