Life After Death

Q. Is reincarnation true? A. Yes. There is no other logical explanation for why bad things happen to good people and vice versa.

Life after death

Q. In several places in BTG I have read that while departing the body, if the soul thinks of Lord Krishna as the last thought, then it reaches only Lord Krishna, the Supersoul, as its final destination. How does this fit with the laws of karma, where your past works determine your next life and …

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Q. When you are reincarnated is it always the same gender? A. Not necessarily. In fact it is said that if one is too attached to the opposite sex, they will be attain a body of the opposite gender in their next life!


Q. Why do you accept the idea of reincarnation? A. We accept reincarnation as fact because it’s taught in the Vedas and it is very reasonable. The Vedic literature tells us that we souls can inhabit any of millions of forms of life, including aquatics, plants, insects, reptiles, birds, animals, and human beings. At the …

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Q. After we quit these bodies and get new bodies, will we forget all of our present spiritual activities (like interacting with devotees, Deity worship etc)? It makes sense that we would forget this live’s material (maya) actions, but aren’t things done in Krishna consciousness transcendental even here, so why wouldn’t we remember them? A. …


Reincarnation is a fact

Q. Hare Krishna…I want to know, is reincarnation really true? And if yes is there any scientifically proven cases for this? Can u forward some of the articles on this topic and some proved cases. A. Reincarnation is a logically acceptable fact. Just as our body is changing at every moment even though the individual …

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