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Anyone can participate

Q. How can I participate?

A. Many people wonder if they have to shave their heads and wear robes, or live in the temple to join or participate in the Hare Krishna Movement or Vedic philosophy. But that is not necessarily the case. A person can easily participate or become involved in whatever level they feel most comfortable. You do not have to give up your job or career or your family. If you look around, you will see many members of the Hare Krishna community who are in full agreement with the Vedic goal of life, but still have their families, careers or pursue further academic studies or skills. They simply add the Vedic lifestyle, the study of the Vedic philosophy, and the joyful chanting of Hare Krishna to what they already have. So it is very easy to begin participating in the Hare Krishna practices to whatever degree is most suitable for you.

Advantages of congregation

Q. Krishna belongs to all so why limit His mercy to only the congregation members?
What is the advantage of having a congregation?

A. Krishna is not limited to the congregation. He belongs to everyone who love and surrender to Him. Therefore devotees go out and preach, distribute books and prasadam, organize Harinaam Sankirtan so that more and more people can become devotees and be part of the Krishna consciousness movement.

Congregation is important.

In the sense that when people see such a strong congregation with unity, and a spirit of co-operation they feel inspired to be a part of it and thus by coming in regular association with the devotees they gradually become part of the congregation.