Practices In ISKCON


Why do you put Tilak? Tilak is  a traditional mark to identify devotees of Krishna. Tilak is made with sacred clay from a holy place in India, and it marks the body as a temple. It is worn to remind the wearer, and everyone else, that within the body resides the individual soul and the …

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Neck Beads

What are those beads around your neck? The neck beads that Krishna devotees wear are meant to symbolize submission to God. They serve to remind the person wearing them and those who see them that we are all servants of God, or Krishna. The beads are made from Tulasi wood (basil plant). Although Tulasi appears …

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What do you do in your temples? The temple is a place to especially remember God and deepen our relationship with Him. It’s a holy place to develop community with others through glorifying God and increasing our understanding of spiritual knowledge. Our temples are open to the public. Although services are held throughout the day, …

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Tulsi Plant

Why do you worship Tulsi plant? Worshiping Krishna’s devotees is an essential feature of devotion to Him. Sometimes great devotees appear in forms other than the human form. One such devotee, whose worship is central to the worship of Krishna, is Tulasi. She serves Krishna in the form of a plant, and devotees worship her …

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Mantra meditation

Q. Do you meditate? A. Members of the Hare Krishna movement practice mantra meditation. In Sanskrit, manah means ‘mind’ and tra means ‘freeing’. So a mantra is a combination of words that is meant to relieve the mind of anxieties arising from worldly entanglement. Vedic literature compares the mind to a mirror, and our present …

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