Q. What does Lord Krishna have to do with His lila (pastimes) with this samsar (material world), where almost everyone is envious of Krishna? Does the Lord have anything to enjoy in this material world or He simply comes to teach us out of His kindness? A. The Lord is atmarama, fully self-satisfied  and always …

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Krishna as Narayana

Q. I completely agree with Krishna’s being the source of all identities of God, including Lord Vishnu (Bg. 10.8). However, I have a different explanation for the identity of Lord Narayana. Etymologically, Narayana consists of two parts: nara, “living beings,” and ayana, “ultimate goal.” Thus, Narayana means the ultimate goal for all living beings, namely …

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Finding real guru

Q. I have heard many people saying ‘sai ram sai shyam’, whereas sai baba himself use to say ‘sabka maalik ek’ while pointing his finger in the sky. On the other hand people also call him sadguru, so if sai baba is sadguru how can people call him by the name of ram and shyam? …

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