H.H.Romapada Swami


Q. When you are reincarnated is it always the same gender? A. Not necessarily. In fact it is said that if one is too attached to the opposite sex, they will be attain a body of the opposite gender in their next life!


Q. What is Astrology? I have heard it said that when one is born in this world his horoscope is fixed depending on the time and place of birth. People born at auspicious time will have all the good of nine Grahas, which determines ones life, i.e., what he will become, how long he will …

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Q. What is fate? Why is a person is born in a particular place to a particular parents, some rich, some poor, some beautiful, some wise etc.? Is this because of past karma? A. Yes. As the saying goes, ‘As we sow, so shall we reap.’

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