Guru and Disciple

Receiving blessings

Q. When one is not in the proximate physical presence of one’s guru, how does one take necessary help for eliminating the obstacles on the path of sadhana? Ans 1. As Srila Prabhupada always emphasized, association of the guru or a saintly person through ‘vani’ (i.e. their instructions) is more important than association through ‘vapu’ …

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Q. I had taken shelter from a spiritual master and he from his pure lips mentioned, “I can initiate you anytime,” and later confirmed that he will be initiating me in the coming initiation function. However, later by Krishna’s mercy the spiritual master left his body. As I have already accepted him as my spiritual …

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Inner voice

Q. I want to know about inner voice. A. Generally the temptations that are put forward by the mind are misunderstood as inner voice. However immoral or unethical they may be, people tend to justify their acts by saying they were guided by “the inner voice.” Inner voice is the voice of the Paramatma, Supersoul, …

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