Demigod Worship

Surrender unto Me

Bhagavad-Gita 18.66 says that we should abandon all varieties of religion and surrender to the Lord. We find that in the case of demigod worshippers they are attached to meat eating and other vices, even when they start chanting a round a day, the level of surrender is not really very high. What should we …

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Respect Demigods

I am a bit confused as my family worships demigods and want me to do the same but I like to worship only Krishna. Am I disrespecting the demigods? Certainly, you are not disrespecting demigods. However it is better to know how to properly worship demigods and Lord Krishna. In the Bhagavad-Gita, worship of different …

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Faith in demigods

Q. What do I do with my faith in particular demigod built up for so many years? A. Someone may have worshiped a particular demigod with faith for many years. Now having come to proper understanding based on knowledge from scriptures and guidance from bona fide acharyas, he has decided to become a devotee of …

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Disrespecting Demigods

Q. Anyway demigods are not supreme. Do we disrespect them? A. A person in true knowledge does not disrespect anyone. Demigods are exalted personalities, empowered by the Supreme Lord Himself to carry out certain administrative functions for universal management. Seeing their loyalty and sincerity, they have been specifically appointed in their positions. We may have …

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