Krishna can change the Fate…!

Q. After we are born in this world with certain predetermined benefits (like being rich, wise etc), one has to lead an ongoing good life. At this juncture what is the role of God? Is He going to change my fate in my present life, or does He have no control at all, once fate is determined by my past actions? Why I should pray to God?

A. Please refer to the last few answers. Depending on our action, we get appropriate rewards (or punishments), but we must always remember that there is a Supreme Person Who awards the results. And that person is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is independent and is not bound to give us the results. He can relieve us altogether of the reactions to our past deeds. He is not bound by any laws because He is the lawmaker. He can choose to give a different result  or He can absolve us of all past reactions completely. Therefore, we are dependent on His mercy.