Free will does not mean neglect

Q. Why does Krishna give freedom or fulfill the wishes of everyone even if they are on wrong path? He being the Supreme Father He should direct His children to take spiritual path.

A. The government establishes an education system to teach us proper behaviour. Exemplary citizens who help the government in different ways and inspire others are awarded by the government. Still, some people choose to disobey the government. These people are sent to a prison with an aim to reform them – to make them understand their follies. The reformation awarded to the non-followers and the awards bestowed to the followers are both examples of the government’s love for its citizenry. Both are in the interest of its subjects.

Law can be imposed by force too but in that case, it is burdensome and at the slightest opportunity, there is possibility of revolt. Similarly, Lord Krishna is the supreme father of all living entities (Bg 14.4). And so, He loves us all. One of the aspects of true love is that it is not forced upon the other person. If love was forced, it would stop being love, it would become coercion. However, the independence that results from this love is not to be taken as a sign of neglect. In fact, the Lord comes to this material world in different incarnations and enacts extraordinary pastimes, which stand unparalleled even after thousands of years, just to attract us to Him. He leaves behind His personal instructions in the form of the Bhagavad-gita and other bona fide scriptures, so that future generations can take advantage of the sublime knowledge presented therein. He regularly sends His pure devotees to this world to distribute His message to different kinds of people in a manner suitable to them.

A person who still chooses to follow a path leading to a sinful life is subjected to miseries through the agency of material nature. All these facts prove beyond doubt that He loves us and cares for us. In fact, His non-interference in our decision-making facilitates our journey to maturity. And just like mature citizens follow the government laws, a mature son will follow his father.