Bhakti is not for the lazy

Q. What is Bhakti how can a busy man do?

A. Bhakti means love of God or, as Srila Prabhupada would often translate the word, Pure Devotional Service to God. (The Sanskrit root of the word bhakti is bhaj, which means “loving service”).

Life should be so moulded that one will always have the chance to think of Krishna . One should always act in such a way that all his daily activities are in connection with Krishna . Our life should be arranged in such a way that throughout the twenty-four hours we can not but think of Krishna . And the Lord’s promise is that anyone who is in such pure Krishna consciousness will certainly return to the abode of Krishna , where he will be engaged in the association of Krishna face to face.
If you want to get something done, then you should ask a busy person. A busy person shall find time for everything. Bhakti is not for a lazy person.