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Q. How can a person become full time devotee? Are women allowed too?
– Setu

A. A full time devotee does not necessarily mean leaving everything and becoming brahmachari or joining temple. As Thakura Bhaktivinoda , one of the prominent acharyas in our disciplic succession advises, “Whether you are a family person living at home or a sannyasi living in the forest, constantly chant and call out “Hari! Hari!”
Full time devotee is one who has offered his body, mind and words in serving Lord Krishna and His bonafide devotees.

Usually women are not allowed to stay as brahmacarinis, since they should be protected in all phases of their lives. When they are young they should be protected by their father, when they are married they should be protected by thier husband and when they are aged they should be protected by their son. Our consciousness is the most important factor.

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