What about Free Will?

Q. In BG AS IT IS Krishna says I know past, present and future. Knowing past and present is ok, if Krishna knows exactly (means every single moment of us) that means our future is well defined then where is the free will for us.If there is free will then how Krishna knows what will we do in future.

I already asked Maharaja same question, he explained that there is free will, Krishna will not interfere in that, but at the same time He knows what will we choose from that free will. I have not satisfied with that answer, can you elaborate that.

Ans :  Father may know that his son likes ice-cream better than anything else. Still, out of love he might ask his son, “My dear son, would you like to have ice-cream or cake?” The father knows the son will choose ice-cream but the choice is still there and the boy can still choose either of the two. This is just a very crude example; Krsna’s ‘knowing’ is much more than that.

He is omniscient, beyond just the present circumstances of time and He exactly knows our innermost desires, propensities etc. Even if we were going to choose ‘cake’ this time, He would know it! Yet as the Supreme loving father, He gives us the choice every moment, ‘Choose Me or choose maya’, and we can choose as we like! Krsna’s knowing ‘future time’ does not diminish our freedom of will to choose