Was Kurukshetra war for material gain?

Q. Was the main reason behind Mahabhararta war sense gratification? Pandavas wanted their due right in the kingdom from Kauravas? Then why did Krishna tell Arjuna/Pandavas to fight for this material gain?

A. According to Vedic injunctions there are six kinds of aggressors:

  1. A poison giver
  2. One who sets fire to the house
  3. One who attacks with deadly weapons
  4. One who plunders riches
  5. One who occupies another’s land; and
  6. One who kidnaps a wife.

Such aggressors are at once to be killed and no sin is incurred by killing such aggressors.

Fight was not based on sense gratification but to establish religion. The activities which Duryodhana performed to usurp the kingdom were not religious at all likeā€¦.

  • Feeding poisonous cake to Bhima
  • Trying to burn Pandavas alive in Lakshyagraha
  • Arranging gambling match and making Shakuni play on his behalf to win everything from Yudhisthar who was not good in playing the game
  • Trying to disrobe Draupadi in an assembly full of men
  • Not returning Pandavas kingdom even after when they returned from forest although he had promised to do so before they went into exile.

For a kshatriya, kingdom to rule is must. He cannot live by begging. That is the reason Pandavas proposed, give just five villages but Duryodhana even denied that. Then war was inevitable.