‘Maya’ attack

When we chant the Mahamantra we are taking the names of Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna. Then why are we disturbed by Mayadevi?


The transcendental sound vibration ‘Hare Krishna’ is non-different than Krishna Himself. When we are chanting, Krishna is personally present on the tongue, however because we do not have taste for the Holy Name, we are not able to relish it. Also because of inability to focus on the Holy Name it wanders from one sense object to another. It is said that the Holy Name Krishna is like the sun and forgetfulness of Krishna is like darkness. As soon as we remember Krishna we are in bright sunlight and as soon as we forget Krishna, we are in darkness. Being disturbed by Mayadevi means we are simply forgetting Krishna. Therefore it is said that ‘Always remember Krishna’ and ‘Never forget Krishna’. Therefore in the conditioned state it is natural to forget Krishna and disturbed by Mayadevi, however when one is liberated by constantly chanting Hare Krishna, one shall be able to experience transcendental happiness at every step.