Insight on War

Q. In light of the Wars, could you please give some Vedic insight besides chanting the holy name?

A. War arises from false claims of proprietorship over God’s property and from accepting as real designations based on the body and acting according to them. These problems can be eliminated if we all chant the Lord’s name, which purifies us from these defects, but unfortunately faithless people will never chant and so the wars will continue to come and go, only to return again.

As long as we live in the material world, there will be lighting. Even in heaven, Lord Indra has to worry about people like Bali Maharaja usurping his position. But troublemakers cannot make it to Vaikuntha, the spiritual world  and therefore we should be determined to go there  and we should encourage others to make the same determination.

It is simple: In the material world there is always war and in the spiritual world there is always peace; therefore we should aspire to go to the spiritual world. We should take advantage of the opportunity to encourage people to solve the problem of war by going back to Godhead. People do not consider that God is all good and all powerful and so in His world there is no anxiety. We should plan to go there by following the path chalked out by the great teachers who have understood the truth. Therefore chanting the holy name is the real solution to the ultimate problem. We cannot eliminate war from this planet, but we can elevate our consciousness to the point where we will be able to attain the spiritual world and thus eliminate war from our life.