Q. It is already mentioned in the scriptures that if a person demolishes a Deity ,he will have to suffer a lot in the hell.So I want to ask that if a Deity is demolished by a devotee by mistake,then what…? I mean after a lot of care.-

A. Krishna is a person.He knows why we do what we do.He sees the internals not the externals.He sees our heart.If by mistake,the deity is harmed,please beg forgiveness from the Lord.Srila Prabhupada says Krishna by nature is a very simple person.And He is very kind.He will forgive.

That whoever destroys a deity will go to hell…this is applicable for those who do it out hatred and envy.

But still we should be careful.We should repent that we do not let that happen again.Krishna puts Himself under our care out of His causeless mercy.Only when we feed Him,He eats.Only when we dress Him,He gets dressed.So He should be looked after as one’s own child.That protective mood should always be there.