Q. I am Amit.I stay in Chiplun & I have been chanting 16 rounds for  a year now. I am 100% following the regulative principles. But I feel that my life is conditioned by the mode of ignorance. This feeling stems from the fact that I am not serious about my life in general as, by Krishna’s grace, my parents have given me everything I wanted. But because of this lack of seriousness there has always been a dent in my deretmination to chant my rounds (most of the time because of laziness). I dont have that drive in life. Please help me prabhuji. Is there any book that may help or a change in my diet or anything else that you may want to tell me please do.

A. Yes.Not only you but each one of us has certain conditionings that are very difficult to overcome.And the tendency is that when we get very easily what we want,we become careless and lazy.We tend to take things cheaply.We have to be careful. This human form of life is very rare and Krishna Consciousness is the rarest of all jewels.You are very fortunate that you have got it.Now do not loose it.

Just like a beggar.He is unfortunate because he does not have any money.But imagine someone gives him Rs 1 crore.So he becomes most fortunate.But then if  he looses that fortune,there is noone more unfortunate than him.

Similarly Chaitanya Mahaprabhu says,after wandering through millions of universes one who is fortunate comes to Krishna Consciousness and by the mercy of Guru and Krishna get the seed of devotion which has to be watered by constant hearing and chanting in order for it to grow into a plant and produce the fruit of love for Krishna.

So it is very nice that you are  chanting 16 rounds and perfectly following the 4 regulative principles.So to maintain your enthusiasm for Krishna consciousness,you have to understand that it is far far more urgent than anything else.Everything else comes after that.Chanting good quality 16 rounds(that means attentively hearing each and every syllable of the maha mantra) will keep you surcharged with spiritual energy throughout the day.

Also,more importantly try to associate with devotees if they are there nearby.Regularly study Srila Prabhupad’s books.That will keep reminding us of the urgency of Krishna Consciousness.Listen to lectures regularly.If there is no centre nearby,then u can can download lectures from our website: www.iskcondesiretree.com.It has almost 30,000 lectures by various ISKCON leaders.

Regarding improving your chanting,there are various books available:

Namamrita – Compilations of Srila Prabhupada’s teachings on chanting of the Holy name.

Art of Chanting Hare Krishna by Mahanidhi Swami

Nectarian ocean of the Holy Name by Sachinandan Swami.