Q. What is  a mayawadi ? Who is a mayawadi ? How to defeat a mayavadi?Give an example of mayavad.Give some referance in Srila Prabhupads books.

A. A mayavadi is a person who is attached to meditates on the Brahman feature of the supreme lord but their ultimate aim is not to serve God but to become one with God..The suprme lord(Krishna) has three features namely,Brahman(The Impersonal effulgence),Paramatma(The all pervading feature of the supreme lord), & Bhagavan(The Topmost).Bhagavan is the topmost feature of the supreme lord.The lord has a transcendental form full of eternity,knowledge and bliss.But a mayavadi considers this form of the Lord as illusion.He thinks that the Lord has no from.He thinks everyone is god…although at the present we are conditioned by maya but after sometime we will realize that we are all god.They take the help of a Guru to rise to a certain level of realization but after that they reject even their Guru.So they are the greatest offenders to the supreme Lord.Lord Chaitanya,who is Krishna Himself,declared that if someone even hears the mayavad philosophy,he will fall down from his position.

The Lord further said that it is better to be in cage surrounded by fire than to associate with a mayavadi.

For example,Mayavadis say that at present we have come under the control of maya,but after sometime we will all realize that we are all god.But if we are God,then how have come under the control of maya.God can never come under anyone’s control.He Himself is the Supreme Controller.

For example,you can read Srila Prabhupad’s Bhagavad Gita-As It Is,second chapter purport to the verse ‘natve aham jatu nasam…’.