Q. My question is that i am getting detatched from devotional service because my mind is diverting to material things.Right now I am working in Dubai and have lost the association of devotees.I am chanting 16 rounds daily still I am suffering from such a problem.Kindly tell me how I can save myself.

A. There are many many wonderful devotees in Dubai with whom you can associate and draw great inspiration. They have a regular weekly program and they even had a Rath yatra last year. The only hope for all of us conditioned souls to be determined in Krishna consciouness is by associating with sincere surrendered souls and rendering devotional service and there is ample opportunity for doing both in Dubai.

Also,there is a very wonderful website called www.iskcondesiretree.com which has more than 27,000 lectures and kirtans by various senior and advanced vaishnavas of ISKCON.You can download these lectures and listen to them and in this way you can get the association of the devotees through the sound vibration.