Q. I was chanting 16 rounds for 3 years.Due lack of association work and family responsibilties it is reduced to 0.Pl. HELP ME.I am Asst.Professor at Frcrit and also a Classical Musician.There also i am on cross roads wheather give more time to Music Or Job(Engg). Because that is my Part time job..I am neither able to focus on music nor Engg nor Chanting .Is there any Practical way out?

A.  Sorry for such a delayed answer. Most of the people in this age are faced with the problem of lack of time. We have to understand that this human life is meant only for self-realisation. So our primary thrust should be towards achieving this result. At the same time we should try to maintain our family and occupation. Once we fill in our time with activities that are most important, other activities automatically fit in the remaining time. Also if we show our sincerity to Krishna, He will schedule our life in such a way that we have more time for Krishna consciousness.You can again move gradually towards chanting 16 rounds and more importantly associate with devotees, through which we develop faith in this process.

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