Q. My faith is not upto the mark then what is the power behind that pushes me every morning to do chanting?Does the same thing happens with everyone.(I do 16 rounds everyday)

A. Initially when we start chanting, our faith is very tender.To make Krishna consciousness attractive, Krishna gives us a taste in spiritual life so that we continue to execute it, at least for that taste. But when,we do start making advancement, Krishna may take away that taste and test us to see if we are still willing do continue for Krishna’s pleasure. The power that pushes us every day to continue in spiritual life is the association of devotees. When we see that the lives of devotees around us are changing by following this process it strengthens our faith. The initial faith is called by Rupa Goswami as Shraddha and then if we execute devotional service properly it becomes Nishtha or firm and unshakeable faith..!