Q. I wanted to know that inspite of my previous chanting now i m unable to chant properly.I want to do it,but something is stopping me.I  dont know what it is but i want to get rid of it and i want to follow my  previous path of spirituality.So can u tell me what  i can  do for getting my taste for chanting and proper meditation back,please?

A: The chanting of God’s names is so pure that by doing it just once we can get purified of more sins than we can commit in lifetimes but we should not commit sins or offences willingly thinking that the we will chant the holy name and get purified.This is the worst kind of offense against the Holy Name.We should simply chant to please Krishna and if we have this consciousness while chanting(that I am chanting because it will Krishna),Krishna will actually be pleased and everything in our life will be adjusted.

The only factor that comes in the way is our tendency to offend devotees and Krishna Himself.This tendency can be overcome by offering humble service to the vaishnavas and asking for forgiveness when we understand and realize our mistakes and praying to Krishna for strength and the proper attitude. Other factors like good association of sincere devotees,sattvic diet, waking up in the morning for sadhana etc help in developing our determination.