Q: How   is it possible to chant & meditate on the Supreme Lord in Kaliyuga when distraction is another name given to  Kaliyuga.Simply taking God’s name with no feelings or devotion is also an offence or waste of time.What Is the need to simply finish 16 rounds & get satisfaction that i am a devotee but have 0% love for the Lord ? Will u answer how to chant holy name in this circumstance when we do not have a taste & associtation of devotees?

A. Compared to the process in the previous yugas like meditating on the form of Krishna, performing large sacrifices, elaborate deity worship – which are not even remotely possible today – the chanting of the Holy Names of Krishna is the easiest form of attaining the lotus feet of Krishna, even taking into account that we are living in Kali yuga.

The chanting of Krishna’s names is so powerful that there are many examples of how aspiring devotees living under extreme circumstances without the association of devotees, access to prasad etc. have perfected their lives.

But when we have the opportunity we must take the advantage of devotee association, Srila Prabhupada’s books so that we have the conviction and develop the determination to chant Krishna’s names.Over a period of time we willl develop a taste for chanting as long as we do not commit offenses to the holy names. We should also understand that we do not chant for the taste we get, but for pleasing Krishna.