Benefits of Chanting

Q. I want to start chanting. Could u tell me what are the benefits or advantages of chanting the Holy name? (like to control senses, to go back to Godhead). Please explain in details.

A. Chanting the holy names of Krishna is the religion for this Kali-yuga. This means this is the only process of self-realization in this age. The other processes that were practiced during previous ages are not practical during today’s times.

What are the advantages of chanting? Unlimited. Besides developing sense control, mental peace and more focus in our daily activities, one becomes indifferent to the pleasures and pains, honor and dishonor, and other dualities of this world. One starts developing all good qualities that can be seen in a saintly person. And if you continue to practice it diligently, carefully avoiding offense against devotees, you will, in due course of time, attain pure love for Krishna, the ultimate goal of life.

Please do not delay. Take up the process immediately and make your life sublime.

For a more elaborate discussion on this topic, you may refer to the book Chant and Be Happy, published by the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust. You can purchase this book from any ISKCON temple.