Lord’s different incarnation in India

Q. Why all the spiritual pastimes of Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Balaji, Mahadev Sankar happened in different places of India and not of other country? Please explain.

A. Many people feel that the Lord appears only in India and not in other places. But to understand the activities of the the Supreme Lord, first we must understand His personality. Without knowing who He is, it will be difficult to understand why He acts in particular ways.

The Supreme Lord is described as a sentient personality with completely transcendental and pure emotions, unlike ours, which are contaminated by material and selfish desires. So, He makes decisions evaluating what could be best for us and what could not be best for us.

It is not true that the Lord appears only in India. The Supreme Lord is supremely independent and by His own free will may decide to appear anywhere He chooses. He may come Himself or He may decide to appear through His pure representatives.

He will make this decision depending on the specific time, the society in question and the particular circumstances.

Observing certain lands, one can very easily ascertain that these have always been lands of dharma–lands of religion and culture. People in these parts have throughout the ages based their lives on the foundation of spirituality. The art, the culture, the architecture, the society, and their very own lives have been interwoven with honest cultivation of God consciousness. In fact these lands have also dispalyed unswerving open-mindedness towards other beliefs too. Certain other lands have proved to be places of conflict and religious intolerance. A brief look at the history of the planet in the past 400-500 years puts it very grotesquely. I am sure you will learn from it.

When the Lord wants to personally appear and carry out His mission, He will choose to do so amongst people that are receptive to His message. He will not choose the people that doubt His very existence and His very word. For helping such people, the Lord may decide to send someone else who will first work on the basics and instil faith in the hearts of the people. Only then will the faithless be ready to hear and understand, much less preach the word of God. If such faithless people are given detailed information by God by dint of His personal presence, it may even lead to a revolt, given their inherent inability to comprehend His word. Indeed, the prominent prophets of this world have had to deal with situations similar to those mentioned above.

So, it is only in His infinite compassion, that the Lord chooses to appear someplace personally and some other place through His representatives. We may decide to benefit ourselves by His message in whichever form it comes to us. That will do us good.

In the present age, it is revealed in the scriptures that the Lord has mercifully incarnated in the form of His holy names which can be chanted irrespective of one’s nationality. In all the major religions of the world, there is great stress laid on the chanting of holy names of God.