janma karma ca me divyam

I read in the Srimad Bhagavatam that Lord Krishna is the creator of everything that exists including demigods. Here also it is explained how he creates everything. However can you please explain me that how did God come into existence. I know that He always existed before but yet there should be a time when he also got into creation.

It is explained in Katha Upanishad,“nityo nityanam cetanas cetananam….” which means that there are two eternals, one is the living entity and the other is Supreme Lord.

In the material world we do not have experience of any object which does not have origin. Every object in the material world has beginning, middle and an end. However spiritual objects are opposite to material objects in the sense that they do not have beginning and an end. They exist eternally. Therefore when we explain God has no beginning that means we can not put a particular date at which He came into existence.

By definition He is the beginning of everything, “ishvarah paramah krishnah, sac-cid-ananda vigrahah, anadir adir govindah, sarva karana karanam”. He is the cause of all causes. If He had some cause, then that cause would have been the superior to Him.

Because He is unlimited, naturally Krishna’s birth and activities are difficult for us limited beings to understand. The great saint Queen Kunti praises Lord Krishna in this way: Of course it is bewildering, O soul of the universe, that You work, though You are inactive, and that You take birth, though You are the vital force and the unborn.