Krishna of Dwaraka, Mathura & Vrindavan

Q. My question is that in Krishna book, last chapter (i.e 90th), it is said that Krishna is the Supreme in Dwarika, more Supreme in Mathura and most in Vrindavan. I did not understand how? What is the difference? Please explain.

A. From an impartial study of Krishna’s pastimes in Dvaraka, Mathura and Vrindavan, we understand that these pastimes become more and more intimate as we go from Dwaraka to Mathura to Vrindavan. In Dwaraka, Krishna is the King, and He is worshiped in great awe and reverence. In Mathura, that mood of awe and reverence reduces. And in Vrindavan, Krishna appears as a simple cowherd boy without displaying any of His opulences. He is in His original form as Gopal tending cows, playing with cowherd boys and dancing with the cowherd girls. Therefore, since Vrindavan Krishna represents God in His original form, He is described as the most supreme in Vrindavan.