The Debt!

Q. First of all, thank you very much for the work that you are doing. I
sincerely appreciate it.

I have a question. For example, if a person takes a loan of Rs 1 lakh and
then never returns and cheats me. Diplomatic ways are not working. What
should be my response in Kaliyuga, 2015? I would like to consult Lord Sri
Krishna. But, for me now, you are as good as Lord Krishna, having understood
his preachings so deep and wide. So, I am asking you now, Sir. My options

1. I might have cheated him in my last incarnation. So, he cheated me in
this incarnation. So, I got rid of my sin. Forget it and move on.

2. He cheated me in this incarnation. God will see to it that, he will
return the money to me in the next incarnation. So, forget it and move on.

3. He has done a cheating, which is wrong. But, I am not God to punish him.
So, leave him and let God punish him. Though it looks like a loss for now,
God will somehow pay me for that loss.

4. He has done cheating which is wrong. So, I need to take legal action. Let
me approach a lawyer. Let me fight it out till the end. I may end up losing
more money, time and energy doing this. But, I need to do this because, I
need to restore dharma/truth. It is a dharmayuddha. So, I need to keep
fighting till the justice is restored like Mahabharatha.

5. He has done cheating which is wrong. But, legally if I approach, I will
never win. So, I need to take law in my hand, use goondas if needed and
do whatever I can and get the money and restore dharma/justice. He cheated
me and so, I can also cheat him. Because, in Mahabharatha, Karna cheated
once. So, it is okay to cheat him and kill him as per Lord Krishna.

My sincere appreciations for your time and guidance in advance. Please
forgive me for the illogical reasoning that I may be making here.

Awaiting your/Lord Krishna’s response,

A. First of all, I am very sorry to hear that someone took money from you and is not returning.
Usually friendly loans are not returned.
You need to be careful.
If there is no document proving this, it becomes difficult to retrieve such loans.
Your various options of understanding this case are all valid, except the last one.
If he has dealt unfairly, according to the law of karma, he shall get similar reaction.
No one is spared from the law of karma.
You need to elevate your understanding by not getting too much affected by such incident.
Yes, this is Kaliyuga and people shall behave unethically.
Even he is punished for his sins, if he does not stop committing further sins, his punishment is like bath of an elephant.
Elephant goes in the water and takes bath with water.
And when he comes out, it throws dust all over his body.
So what is the use of taking bath.
Similarly if someone is punished for the sins, but if that person does not give up his tendency of committing sins, it is simply like bath of an elephant.
The real atonement is taking shelter of the Lord and rising above such lower tendencies.