Correcting others- Who and How?

Q. Yesterday in Chetana festival, I heard that we should not criticize others or in other words we should not show them their faults but rather we should be introspective,first we should find that where we are going wrong. Doing introspection is accepted, but if we don not tell others that they are going wrong how will they improve or realize their mistakes?

A. H.H. Radhanath Swami mentioned in a Srimad Bhagavatam class recently, that if we are busy finding and pointing out the faults in others, then we fail to see the faults in ourself. Therefore introspection is necessary. We may point out faults only under the following circumstances :-

1) Criticism should always be constructive, i.e. If by our speaking, the concerned person is going to accept our opinion and correct himself or herself, then we should speak.

2) If we are in the position of an authority or guardian, then we can speak. If this is not the case, we may end up spoiling the situation rather than improving it. We have to genuinely analyse our motivations. Are we genuinely concerned with helping that person? or is it out of pride and envy that we are reacting. Sometimes, communicating through a person who has a rapport or good relationship with the person concerned may be more effective than direct

If we correct somebody in the mood of a humble servant rather than a dictator, it will be more effective in changing the heart!