Does Krishna listen songs written by His pure devotee?

Q. What is significance of Vaishnav Bhajan in Kirshhna Concisness and in what spirit do we understand this? When we sing this Bhajan, does Krishna listen songs written by His pure devotee?

A. The bhajans have been composed by the great Vaishnava Saints. They have been composed in deep devotional ecstacies. Through them, we can get a glimpse into the heart of the devotees and the mood of the particular devotee.

Bhajans helps us in developing a deeper understanding and sentiment for the Lord. Moreover, the Lord very much loves the bhajans composed by His devotees. So, narrating them immediately gets the attention of the Lord. There was a real life case of this in Jagannatha Puri, when a lady was narrating the songs of Jaidev Goswami. Their Lordship Jagannatha left the altar to follow the singer. The Lady’s name was Padma. After this incident even till today there is a custom in Jagannatha Puri to sing the songs of Jaidev Goswami before the Lord goes to sleep.