Ekadashi food

Q. Could you please let me know if we can eat bhindi/ okra/ ladysfinger on Ekdasi? Also, if you have time, could you please expilicitly list the items that are in the category of beans and grains?

A. Bhindi or lady’s finger, is one of the prohibited vegetables for Ekadasi. You cannot take it on this day.

Beans include: Papadams, tofu, tempeh

Grains include: Millet, barley, farina, pasta, rice, corn and all types of flour made from grains and beans (e.g., rice flour, chickpea flour, urad dahl flour)

For a more comprehensive list of prohibited items on Ekadasi, you may visit the following website: http://www.goloka.com/docs/calendar/ekadasi.html

What Srila Prabhupada said about Ekadasi: When asked by Pradyumna what we could eat, Srila Prabhupada said, “Fruits, Roots, Nuts and Milk. If you stick to these types of foods, you should be fine. Of course, the sure way is to fast completely. Of course, water can be taken except if you wish to do nirjala.”

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