Can mountain, river, sea, etc. speak with human beings?

Q. I read many stories from scripture.There was description that mountain, river, sea are speaking with human beings. Is it true? But, according to science it is impossible. Can we speak with mountain? Is it possible?

A. Science is limited to study of gross matter. It cannot create life out of dead matter, nor can it explain consciousness. We live and our table and chair do not live although all are made of chemical compounds. So, what creates life? Science has no answer and we know that it is not complete.

On the other hand the scriptures describe about spiritual science which is similar to ordinary science but it also describes about matter, spirit, and their controller, the God.

In modern day lifestyle, we are living in artificial environment completely cut from mother nature. If we take time out and spend time near a water body, trees, plants, gardens, mountains, under starlit sky etc., we will be able to marvel at the great creation of God. When our heart is thus filled with gratitude towards God then we will be ready to receive His
message. When the heart becomes purer by practicing devotional service, we can hear the message of God from the medium of His creation. Bhagwad Gita teaches us that God is living everywhere and He gives knowledge to man. This speaking of trees, mountains etc., is not through the medium of gross senses of ears, but through internal realization. We only have to be open to receive it. However, it will not happen in a day or two. Practice chanting Hare Krishna and associate with devotees, read scriptures like Bhagwad Gita and practice
Krishna consciousness. Then, soon you will be able to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ through the medium of these divine vibrations and the message will be realized in your heart.

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