Concentration on Radha Krishna

Q. I love to pray to Radhe Krishna. In fact, they are everything for me. I fast every time in navratras. But, during these navratras, if I was trying to pray the matarani, I was not able to pray. In fact, every time my concentration was going only on Radhe Krishna. Do you think it is correct? Or give me the solution to come out of this ?

2. I have seen in temples during aarti and in fact in day to day routine too the panditji wear only dhoti and one cloth from shoulder to waist not with out covering the body. Is there is any special reason behind this?

A. 1. If the concentration is going to the form of Radha Krishna, it is very good. In fact, it is the mercy of Srimati Radharani since She is the original Goddess of fortune. All other forms of Goddesses come from Srimati Radharani. Please continue praying to Srimati Radharani.

2. Yes, it is true that some devotees wear only dhoti and one cloth from left shoulder to the right waist. Generally, they are pujaris or worshippers of deities in the temple. It helps them to conveniently offer different articles with right hand.