Killing insects – Avoiding sin

Q. There are many insects which bite and trouble us. For ex: Mosquitoes, lizard, etc. In order to overcome this, we keep killing them through other process. Is that a sinful act? If so, how to overcome this problem.

A. You can use mosquito nets to avoid unnecesarily killing mosquitoes. We get excellent ones at our book store. Sometimes, you may be forced to kill out of circumstance being helpless. How to avoid sin?

Sastras explain that there are five unavoidable ways that a person commits sin by killing. While lighting fire, grinding etc. Thus sin per se can never be completely avoided. Reactions are bound to come. So, the solution is recommended in the Bhagavad Gita.

“Completely abandoning all bodily and mental dharma, such as varna and asrama, fully surrender to Me alone. I shall liberate you from all reactions to your sins. Do not fear.”(BG 18.66)

So, we should surrender to Krsna’s instruction via Guru. Only then, can we always remain free from sin accidentally or knowingly performed (As Arjuna had to kill his relatives).