Fear of worshiping Krishna

Q. When I start worshiping Krishna, will I be treated as unchaste by my worshipable deity?

A. The Supreme Lord is the source of all that exists (BG. 10.8). He is described as sarva karana karanam (Bs 5.1). To maintain His creation, He has also created an entire system of demigods for its efficient governance, just as a cabinet of ministers is formed for the efficient governance of a country. The demigods in charge of a particular function know very well their position and their duty vis-à-vis their worshipable Lord. 

When a habitual worshipper of a particular demigod recognizes the supremacy of Lord Krishna and starts worshipping Him, the demigod is very happy for such a person. Instead of branding such a person as unchaste, the demigod is pleased by the appropriate change in attitude of his erstwhile worshipper base on a simple reason that the sincere demigod himself regards Lord Krishna as his own supremely worshipable deity. He is delighted to see that his worshipper has advanced to a higher level of understanding of truth.

For instance, someone is a worshipper of Hanuman. Hanuman himself is a devout follower of Lord Ram. He is constantly chanting Lord Ram’s holy names. If someone were to ask Hanuman what would please him the most, his answer would surely be—loving service to Lord Ram. Consequently, when his worshipper starts serving Lord Ram based on love and knowledge of Lord Ram’s supreme position, Hanuman rejoices at the change of heart. In fact, he eagerly helps and guides such a person in his service to Lord Ram.