Why Jesus helped Simon Peter to catch fish

Q. In the bible, why did Jesus Christ help Simon Peter to catch fish? If Jesus who is the son of GOD, knew that killing fish is wrong, why did he support this act by causing a miracle.

A. It’s up to us whether to follow the activities of Jesus Christ or the instructions of Jesus Christ. If we choose to imitate his activities, like killing the fish, then we should imitate him in everyway by imitating all his miracles. We should preach the glories of the Lord all over the world just like him. Are we prepared to do that?

We cannot imitate great people, nor are we expected to. We simply need to follow their instructions. And the commandment of Jesus Christ is quite clear:  “Thou shall not kill.” This means we should not kill any animal to enjoy their flesh. If Jesus wished to encourage meat-eating, he would have made it a commandment.

If one is so addicted to eating meat, then he has to restrict his meat-eating to animals that have died naturally, not ones that were killed. If someone violates the Ten Commandments we do not condemn him; he condemns himself by his willful disobedience to the laws of God.