Renouncing life for Supreme Lord

Q. If a person renounces his life for Supreme Lord, it is good or bad. But
according to karmi people it is not good to leave our relationship with our parents & relatives. But when I think from devotee point of view, I find very rare people are there to renounce their life for Krishna sake. I am confused this question was asked by one my college friends. Please let me know proper answer for the same.

A. Everyone has to renounce his life for some cause—for one’s own self, for the family, the society, the nation, or for humanity as a whole. But it is understood that one who dedicates his life for the society is better than one who is simply focused on his individual or family needs. One who dedicates his life for the nation’s cause is still better. But one who considers the whole world his family is the best because he has the broader vision.

Extending this logic further, we can easily conclude that one who renounces or sacrifices his life in the service of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the cause of all causes, the master of the whole universe, is the topmost of all. This act is the highest good one can ever imagine.

By serving Krishna, we are not cutting off our relationships with our parents or relatives.
A freedom fighter fighting for the nation’s cause may appear to have cut off all relations with his family or state, but actually service to the nation includes service to family and state. Similarly by serving Krishna, we are rendering the highest service to everyone – family, society, nation and the whole world.

The reason why we don’t find many people sacrificing their lives for Krishna’s sake is because people are not aware of Krishna’s supreme position and the supreme benefit one derives by dedicating ourselves to His service. It’s our duty to educate everyone about this.