Demolition of deities by atheists

Q. Kindly educate me why dieties of the Lord had been demolished sometimes by the atheists or by others from different religion inspite of the fact that the Lord is present in the form of His Dieties. Why He allows the atheist to do so if He is present there?

A. Just as the Lord manifests as diety, He can also unmanifest himself from it. When dieties are destroyed, it does’nt mean the Lord is destroyed. He unmanifests himself from it. The lord is manifested as the deity and also is indepependent of the deity. When deities are destroyed, It does’nt mean Supreme Lord is destroyed.

The Lord manifest himself as the deity to reciprocate with his devotees and accept service from them. In that form, the Lord expects to be protected by his devotees. There are cases when devotees have even dropped the deities while cleaning or worshipping. This is a serious offence on their part. It may indicate negligence and a lack of Krsna consciousness. Sometimes, the deities even break. Devotees should be very careful and devotional and never be negligent. Dharma must strictly be followed. Most Hindus are grossly neglecting their religious principles. As a result, they are seeing the deities being destroyed in front of their eyes. In fact, many have become very very sinful. Thus, Hindus are paying the heavy price. If one neglects dharma, dharma itself will ruin one.

It does’nt mean that if some wicked invader demolishes a deity, he will get away with it. He will incurr undescribable suffering in Hell for a very long time.

Demons attacking the Lord is not a new thing. Even Hiranyaksha attacked Varahdev. On the battle of Kurukshetra, Sri Krsna was pierced with so many arrows that he was bleeding. (This was his pastime because no material weapon can touch him because he is pure spirit.)
Krishna’s disappearance pastime took place when Jara (A hunter) shot the arrow at his feet thinking it to be bird. Krishna ascended to the spritual abode. So, Krishna allowed it. Didn’t he?